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British Red Cross to benefit from this year's Blue Peter Appeal

Howard Lake | 12 November 2004 | News

The Big Blue Peter Bag logo
Blue Peter

Children’s TV programme Blue Peter’s annual appeal was launched this week to raise funds for the Welcome Home Appeal of the British Red Cross.

The Appeal will support the work the Red Cross carries out in Angola putting families and children back in touch following years of conflict.

Over the next few months the programme will be asking its viewers to participate in the Appeal by donating special Blue Peter bags of clothing via any of the 370 British Red Cross shops around the UK, which will be tagged and sold to raise money. Every filled bag is expected to raise £10.


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In Angola, the tracing and message service reunites children with their parents as well as putting adults back in touch.

The British Red Cross Web site even offers downloadable label templates so that supporters can print them out on their home printers and use them to identify their donated clothes bags. They will fit onto Avery mailing labels (size L7163) and, on colour printers, will appear in blue.

Blue Peter’s first annual appeal was launched in 1963. Since then Blue Peter has helped raise money for famine victims in Ethiopia, provided rescue lifeboats, built farming schools in Uganda, provided guide dogs for the blind, accommodation for homeless children in Lebanon, mobility for deaf children, and bought oxygen kits for children with cystic fibrosis. The programme goes out fives times a week on both BBC1 and the CBBC channel.