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New privilege card offers income for fundraisers

Howard Lake | 13 September 2004 | News

The Halcyon Card

The Halcyon Card is a new privilege card that enables charities to generate income by selling it to supporters who can then use it to gain discounts by shopping online from a range of well-known retailers.

The Halcyon Card specialises in online offers from national and local retailers such as Cotton Traders, Old English Inns, Blackwell’s, Thornton’s confectionery, and Littlewoods.

The card can be co-branded with a charity’s logo or design to add impact. Halycon Card founder Carole Hathaway explained that “by co-branding with us a charity can supply their supporters with something both unique and useful, in exchange for a donation of their choice. It means you get your charity’s name in wallets, on the Internet and in the minds of others.”


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Alternatively, she suggests charities use it as a marketing incentive, along the lines of “spend x and receive our loyalty card, or buy x and receive our privilege card”.

She says that the card differs from other privilege cards: “unlike many reward and loyalty cards you don’t have to spend a lot of money building up points before benefiting”, she said.

Charities can also choose to have a co-branded welcome page to the Halycon card shopping mall site.

The Halcyon card gives holders access to an online shopping mall “with exclusive offers”. The offers are available throughout the year so customers do not have to wait until sale time for discounts.