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Giving Nation winner gives half her winnings to charity

Sixteen year-old Liz Frith from Sheffield has won Giving Nation’s online charity competition ‘Are you a Giver or a Taker?’ She chose to keep half of the £500 and give the rest of it to charity.

Liz’s name was picked at random from the most popular answer of the competition. She chose to donate half of the winnings to Cancer Research UK and the NSPCC.

The competition winner was announced at the launch of Giving Nation’s main activity, G-Week, which has seen hundreds of schools taking part all week to celebrate their charity activities, from sponsored skips to talent competitions and dunk the teacher games.


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Schools taking part in G-Week have the opportunity to enter the G-Nation Awards, entries for which will close mid-July. Pupils can win £1,000 for their school and/or an visit to a Save the Children charity project in India.

Liz took part in online competition, ‘Are you a Giver or a Taker?’, which
posed a moral dilemma to young people: “If you were given £500, what would you do with it?”. It offered a £500 prize as an motivator to get involved.

Only 16% of the 8,000 young people surveyed online voted to keep it all with the most common response to give at least £200 away.