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Bob Geldof is most inspirational charitable celebrity

A MORI poll has found that Bob Geldof is the famous person most likely to inspire people to get involved in charitable work.

The Daily Mail reports that the poll of 1,006 Britons aged 16 and over was carried out to mark the Year of the Volunteer 2005.

Sir Bob topped the poll for his achievement of founding Band Aid in 1984 and putting together the Live Aid show n July 1985, and all his subsequent charitable campaigning.


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According to the Daily Mail, “the 10 famous people most likely to inspire people to take up charity or volunteer work are:

1. Bob Geldof
2. Lenny Henry
3. Kelly Holmes
4. Ant and Dec
5. The Prince of Wales
6. Robbie Williams
7. Jamie Oliver and Davina McCall
9. Lorraine Kelly
10. David Beckham