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Lottery manager pledges 35 per cent donation for good causes

Howard Lake | 28 April 2004 | News

Million-2-1, the licensed lottery manager responsible for the NSPCC mobile phone lottery, today pledged that all its charitable lotteries will donate 35 per cent to good causes in future –15 per cent more than the legal requirement adhered to by most lottery operators.
Million-2-1’s CEO, Chris Sheffield explains: “The forthcoming Gambling Bill will present consumers with many more choices of who to play with. If we really want to be seen as the people’s choice in the soft gaming market, just providing the most fun games will not be sufficient. We must also be the most responsible.”
The announcement comes in the wake of government research that shows high levels of gambling disapproval amongst the British Public. Just one in 20 Britons are favourable towards harder forms of gambling.
Million-2-1’s groundbreaking NSPCC mobile lottery – the first of its kind – is offering a full 35% of all proceeds to good causes.
The ‘attitudes to gambling’ report, conducted by the Department for Culture Media and Sport, which found that although 71% of people have gambled in the last year, attitudes to the industry remain poor.
The government’s own research shows that just one in 20 British people are favourable towards what they currently perceive as hard gambling – such as betting exchanges and on-course betting.
Chris Sheffield, CEO comments: “It seems the image of the wider gaming market is still tainted by the scandals of match-fixing and the misleading activities of seedy consumer competitions and timeshare sellers. As a responsible operators have to be ready to go the extra yard. Our customer service line is open 12 hours a day. We age-check all our winners for official ID. We set clear limits on play levels. We work closely with the gaming board and Gamcare, and also comply to the letter with ICSTIS telephone regulations. We will do whatever it takes to be trusted by our customers.”
Notes to editors:
Million-2-1’s statement follows the little noticed consumer survey ‘Attitudes to Gambling’ from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.
The report shows a clear divide in opinion between perceptions of soft and hard gambling:
most of us say we are against gambling.
and only soft gaming actually receives public approval.
lotteries are viewed favourably by 48 per cent of the population.
bingo is favourably viewed by 31 per cent.
betting exchanges are viewed favourably by just 4 per cent of the population.
just 13 per cent are favourable toward casinos, with 37 per cent unfavourable
47 per cent of people are unfavourable towards fruit machines, and just 14 cent
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