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The Great Big small Charity Car draw is back

Howard Lake | 28 April 2011 | News

Small charities once again have a chance to fundraise by offering a raffle prize that most could not on their own hope to acquire. The prize car in the FSI’s Great Big small Charity Car Draw, a new Fiat 500 1.2 Pop, has been provided again by sponsor Zurich Insurance.
Last year 211 small charities generated a total of £69,560 worth of ticket sales. Letchworth Arts, which raised £1,844 in the 2010 Car Draw, said: “it was great fun to take part, raised a lot of funds and above all raised our profile in the community.”
Charities can choose to take part either offline (paper tickets), online (via personalised purchasing links to pass on to their supporters to make ticket sales even easier) or both. They sell tickets for £2 and get to keep 95.2% of this, the rest being used to cover the FSI’s admin costs.
To register your charity for the 2011 Great Big small Charity Car Draw, you need to register on the FSI Community. Then click on the ‘Great Big small Charity Car Draw 2011’ button on your community dashboard.