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A Web content management system is… er… well…

Howard Lake | 11 February 2004 | News

Charities wishing to run an effective Web site and fundraise online will almost certainly need a content management system now or in the future. But how does a content management system differ from a document management system?

Information management is a key issue for any charity that fundraises or publishes information online. With a growing number of products available to help charities publish online, a number of technical terms have begun to be used seemingly interchangeably. There include document management systems (DMS), enterprise content management systems (ECMS), and learning content management system (LCMS).

Since they all come with acronyms, this area can become confusing to the fundraiser who knows they need to address this issue but is put off by the jargon.


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James Robertson at Step Two Designs Pty Ltd in Australia offers a very helpful list of definitions for these various packages. Read his “Definition of information management terms.”