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Survey finds only 24% of US non-profits have a written online strategy

A survey of 1,319 managers at US non-profit organisations has found that while 92% of organisations have a Web site, only 24% have a written online strategy.

Only 28% of respondents said their organisations had a written technology plan.
Just over three quarters have, or at least working on, a technology budget. However, training in technology is still clearly not a top priority for all: only 57% have or are working on a technology training budget.

The survey was conducted online, so its conclusions are not representative of the sector as a whole.


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The issue of written online and technology policies amongst UK charities was first surveyed in November 1996 by RNLI staffer Shirley Cooke at the University of Bournemouth. She found that 52% of UK charities surveyed had incorporated their Internet projects into their written business strategy.