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Charities IT Directors' Group annual conference announced

Howard Lake | 13 September 2004 | News

The Charities Consortium IT Directors’ Group (CCITDG) second annual conference will be held from 7 – 8 October 2004 at Horwood House near Milton Keynes.

The CCITDG brings together the heads of IT from the UK’s largest charities across a variety of service sectors. Many of the IT issues faced are of concern to voluntary sector organisations large and small, including those which do not have a designated post of IT Director.

This year’s conference will include sessions on Data Security, Voice over IP (with a case study from the RSPCA), Internet Security and Legal Compliance, Enterprise Content Management, Near-future Technology Developments, Organisational IT Governance, Outsourcing, Internal IT Markets, Legal Issues for IT Directors and Chief Executives, How IT Directors Can Influence the Board, and Measuring IT Performance.


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Contact Adrian Boylan for further details on 0771 388 5396.