Judi Dench launches BLF's in memoriam appeal

Dame Judi Dench

Oscar winning actress Dame Judi Dench is this week launching the British Lung Foundation’s Breath of Life Funds, a tribute fund set up to celebrate the life of an individual.

The first fund has been set up by Dame Judi in memory of her husband actor Michael Williams, who died of lung cancer.

Breath of Life Funds are a positive way of paying tribute to your loved one’s memory. Anyone can set up a fund in tribute to an individual, anyone can donate into the fund and it will be in place for as long as the original donor wishes.


Dame Judi said: “When my husband Michael died of lung cancer it was a terribly sad time both for me and for my family. I felt helpless and was angry that this disease had taken him from me. To help me come to terms with what had happened I decided to become involved with the British Lung Foundation by becoming a Special Supporter.

“I’ve now decided to set up a Breath of Life Fund in tribute to Michael. The money for the fund supports the British Lung Foundation’s work improving the outlook for people with lung disease. I believe that by raising funds for lung disease in this way I am paying the best possible tribute to the life of a very special man – my husband Michael.”

Catherine Lightfoot, Head of Fundraising, said: “The Breath of Life Funds will enable us to communicate in a sensitive and productive way with our in memoriam donors. We are hoping that the introduction of the Breath of Life Funds will enable us to increase our in memoriam income by £30,000 this year, but will also enable us to build a meaningful and long lasting relationship with this important and valued section of our supporters.”