First Welsh office for Charity Commission

Howard Lake | 1 December 2003 | News

The Charity Commission’s first office in Wales will be in Newport.

The new office will provide support and ./guidance, a facility to register new Welsh charities and will deal with any specific
complaints. There will be up to a dozen members of staff and the Commission says that it will actively seek to recruit Welsh-speaking employees. Open to the public, the Newport office is designed to be “the first port of call for Welsh charities.”

The creation of an office in Wales is overdue. The Charity Commission for England and Wales first three offices were all based in England.


Speaking at the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) AGM in Llanelli last week, Director of Operations Simon Gillespie said: “We are pleased that we can now directly engage with Wales’ diverse
charity sector and hopefully this move will deepen our understanding of the issues facing Welsh charities. There are approximately 11,000 charities in Wales and we’ve consulted widely. The overwhelming
response was that the sector wanted a Welsh office. This is now becoming a reality and we aim to be fully functional in Wales by
April 2004.”