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New BBCi service could help promote local events

The BBC’s new Web resource for local advice and issues, iCan, could prove a useful location on which to publicise charities’ and groups’ events.

The BBC’s iCan site has been created “to help you do something about issues that matter to you.”

On it you will find “information and advice, see what’s going on in your area, get in touch with people who share your views and even start a campaign online.”


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As such it could prove a useful resource for promoting charities’ work and events. When you register to access the site you need to supply your postcode, so that the site can bring you local information. As such it’s a readymade tool for local charities or the regional offices of national organisations to share information with a local audience.

The site can also let people offer time or skills with local activities.

Among the site’s free tools is a basic online campaign tool. Other iCan users can join your campaign as supporters or co-organisers, and you can share key documents in one place, together with a shared campaign diary.

Of course, this tool will only become useful if sufficient people use it, but one can assume that as part of the BBCi site, it will get a fair amount of traffic.