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Donors to raise funds for receiving adverts via SMS

SMS Aid is raising funds for charities which encourage their donors to register and receive adverts via their mobile phones.

SMS Aid has adapted the model of paying people to receive adverts, attempted by various Web companies, to mobile phones. The company will distribute targeted adverts from commercial advertisers to mobile phone owners who have signed up to receive these adverts. Charities who persuade supporters to register for the service will receive a share of the sum paid per message by the advertiser. In this way SMS Aid says it is offering a new monthly revenue scheme for charities.

SMS Aid will pay charities 10p for each owner introduced plus 5p for every text message they send to each of their phones.
In addition, they can pay the mobile owner 5p to receive each message or they can elect to donate that amount to charity.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

To benefit, charities need to drive mobile phone owners to a co-branded Web site where they can select from 24 types of products and services they wish to receive messages about. SMS Aid will create and host the co-branded sites.

Founder Tony Price commented: “We operate an ethical advertising policy, so charities using our service can specify products, services or companies whose brands they would not want to be associated with or perceived to be endorsing.”