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Christian Aid's ethical ISP relaunches as SureFish.co.uk

Howard Lake | 23 October 2003 | News

Surefish.co.uk logo

Fish.co.uk, Christian Aid’s ethical Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Web portal, is now SureFish.co.uk, and has launched a series of new services.

SureFish.co.uk’s new and improved services from new provider Poptel include wireless and standard broadband, and flat-rate Internet access, free e-mails and free personal Web space.

SureFish is aiming to become the leading ethical Web portal, and it has introduced a new ethical living section offering advice and information on ethical banking, shopping, health & beauty, travel, new technologies, utilities, home, and garden.


Why your supporters are wealthier than you think... Course by Catherine Miles. Background photo of two sides of a terraced street of houses.

Visitors are encouraged to exchange their views on the discussion boards and to get involved in campaigning on issues such as Trade Justice.

SureFish.co.uk’s publisher Michael Wignall said: “With SureFish you can surf the Internet and support a good cause at the same time without paying extra. All profits from SureFish go to Christian Aid’s work in fighting global poverty.”

The SureFish Promise on the site sets out the ethical policy the ISP works to and guarantees standards of openness with customers. All commercial partners are vetted to ensure as far as possible that neither they nor their owners are involved in activities such as tobacco marketing in the Third World, pornography, the arms trade, and exploiting unfair trade practices.