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Wringing every last penny out of a collecting box

Old charity collecting boxes don’t die, they just go on sale on eBay.

An old RNIB Sooty Collecting box has been sold on online auction site eBay.co.uk. It went for £16.50.

Not a huge sum of course, but it does demonstrate that charities could make their old collecting boxes generate one last donation. In this case the interest was not so much in the charity as the children’s character: the purchaser was a collector of Sooty and Sweep material.


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Of course, selling collecting boxes with charity logos on to the highest bidder could be a fraudster’s dream. So perhaps this income stream is only relevant for the truly old or collectable collecting tins or devices. Still, izzy, whizzy, let’s get busy turning those old collecting tins into cash.

Presumably someone somewhere collects collecting tins? If so, do let UK Fundraising know.