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New recruitment Web site for voluntary sector

The voluntary sector has another Web site listing job vacancies. Voluntarysectorjobs.co.uk covers “not just charities but the whole of the UK Voluntary Sector.”

Voluntarysectorjobs.co.uk was launched four week ago supported by Abbey Solutions, a London-based fundraising and recruitment consultancy.

Although there are a number of well-established jobs sites catering for the charity sector the creator John Abbey thought there was still a need for “a single jobs site representing the whole sector where Charities, Housing Associations, NGOs and other non profits.”


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Abbey said: “the job sites in our sector currently focus on charities, inadvertently excluding many large and small organisations that have charitable purposes but might not recognise themselves as a charity. Certainly this would be true for many Housing Associations and non-profit organisations. Voluntary Sector Jobs hopes to bring us all together making it easier for job seekers to find their ideal job”.

As a newcomer to the online recruitment market, and in the absence of any public user statistics, the site is allowing non-profit organisations to advertise for free “until the site becomes well established.”

While the site currently lists 112 vacancies, and its search function works, some of the navigation bar links do not. Links to the jobs seekers, contact us, links, home pages were all dead.