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Convio offers paper on lessons from Howard Dean's online fundraising

American online fundraising company Convio is sharing its experience and advice on how its client presidential hopeful Howard Dean made such successful use of the Internet to raise funds and mobilise supporters.

The advice is available in a free download entitled “Using the Internet to Raise Funds and Mobilize Supporters: Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn from the Dean for America Presidential Campaign.”

“Regardless of who you support for president, there is no question that Dean for America has been phenomenally successful at leveraging the Internet,” said Gene Austin, CEO of Convio. “We wrote this white paper to help non-profits better understand how to incorporate the Internet into initiatives for fundraising, marketing, advocacy and building sustainable relationships with supporters.”


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In the first 180 days of using Convio’s online fundraising and targeted e-mail communications tools, the Dean campaign sent 6.5 million e-mails to supporters to keep them involved and also to solicit contributions; during this period, the organisation raised $11 million online through Convio.