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WWF secures corporate sponsor for its educational Web site

Howard Lake | 15 June 2003 | News

WWF has secured a new sponsorship deal from the Toyota Prius brand for its educational Web site, wwflearning, used by UK teachers and students as a resource centre for environmental topics.

For £20,000 the Toyota Prius will sponsor selected pages and enable WWF to continue providing educators and learners with an innovative communications point for global news, opinion and curriculum projects.

Ann Finlayson, Head of Education at WWF-UK, said: “WWF Education has a successful track record of working with partners from business to help both teachers and students explore some of the difficult decisions facing companies today as they engage with
sustainability issues. The relationship with the Toyota Prius builds on this work, using the Internet as a tool for learning, exploration and engagement.”


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The money provided by Toyota Prius will cover the costs of commissioning content for the specifically targeted areas of Activities
and News service on the Web site. Pages that are maintained using this sponsorship money will bear the car’s name and links to the relevant Web site.

WWF adds that it is also working with the car manufacturer in order to pursue the
greenest and most economically sound options for its particular fleet of vehicles. The Prius car uses advanced technology to combine a petrol engine with an electric motor to create “an environmentally conscious, fuel-efficient, hybrid engine.”