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White Fuse creates new website platform for small charities

Howard Lake | 10 June 2015 | News

A new out-of-the-box website tool called Bamboo has been created for small charities by London-based digital agency White Fuse. They claim it is “the UK’s first custom website framework to be designed specifically for charities”.
White Fuse built Bamboo following their work with over 70 charities in the UK over the past six years. It is built on open source tool Drupal, and lets charities create key elements of a website as they require them, including a blog, news section, events listing and a resources section.
It is designed to help charities avoid either expensive custom-designed sites, or the low-cost options that typically don’t offer sufficient support. In particular it aims to let charities focus more on content and copy.
White Fuse are still offering a level of customisation. This is most apparent at the design phase, when the agency creatse a custom design based on branding guidelines and a design specification from the charity. Other customisation can be provided if the charity needs it.

A demo website created using Bamboo.

A demo website created using Bamboo.

Sites built with Bamboo can be automatically integrated with third party tools that many charities are already using including email marketing platform Mailchimp, YouTube, JustGiving, events management service Eventbrite, and only discussion and commenting system Disqus.
White Fuse offer ongoing customer service to charities that build and run their sites using Bamboo.
Sample resources section on a Bamboo website

Sample resources section on a Bamboo website

Earlier this year White Fuse announced Humble, a customer relationship marketing tool specifically designed for smaller charities.
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