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Tax breaks for alumni could build university endowments

A report on university endowment funds calls for tax breaks for graduates to help establish and increase endowment funds for UK universities.

The report “University Endowments” by the Sutton Trust points out that only five UK universities have endowments worth £100 million or more, compared to 207 universities in the USA.

Chair of the Sutton Trust Peter Lampl also called for grater professional fundraising within UK universities to improve the endowment position. In particular he recommended devoting greater effort at targeting the right alumni to secure the biggest gifts. The trust’s report called for “vice-chancellors and senior managers need to be involved at this level.”


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The report also argued that the current Gift Aid system for tax-efficient giving was too complicated. Instead, like the USA, donors should be able to claim all the tax back on their donation, rather than sharing the reclaim with the charity.

Read “Tax breaks could attract university donors, says trust” by Donald MacLeod at The Guardian.