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Macmillan publishes new welcome booklet for its donors

Howard Lake | 20 May 2003 | News

Macmillan Cancer Relief’s new donor booklet is designed to illustrate that the charity’s work is more than just its famous nurses.

The booklet features the work of a Macmillan Doctor, Radiographer, Benefits Advisor and a Development Co-ordinator for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities, as well as a nurse.

Judith Dutton, Head of Donor Marketing at the charity explains: “We know from research that many donors are only aware of our Macmillan nurses, but Macmillan helps people living with cancer in a wider variety of ways. As well as providing expert care through the NHS, we offer information and financial support to patients and their families. This booklet is designed to introduce donors to the breadth of our work in a relevant and accessible way.”


How to move from Fundraiser to CEO - by Bruce Tait. Upwards white arrow on blue background.

The booklet will be sent to welcome new donors, including those recruited through the charity’s new Direct Response Television campaign, also launched in May. Macmillan say that the booklet is designed “to open a dialogue with supporters and begin to strengthen the relationship with them in order to develop ongoing communications.”

The guide contains a postal response device, encouraging supporters to enquire about the different methods of giving to and supporting Macmillan.