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RSPCA Christmas appeal to 500,000 donors aims for £1 million

Howard Lake | 21 November 2005 | News

Cat on a sofa by a Christmas tree with lights.
Photo by YoonJae Baik on Unsplash

The RSPCA is mailing 500,000 supporters with a special Christmas appeal through which it hopes to raise over £1 million.

Developed by Whitewater, the direct marketing agency responsible for all of the RSPCA’s individual donor fundraising activity, the mailing explains how RSPCA volunteers as well as the charity’s Inspectors and other staff will be working throughout the Christmas holiday season caring for thousands of abandoned and abused animals.

In addition to being asked for a cash donation, the letter also asks supporters to send their own message of encouragement to RSPCA staff and volunteers working over Christmas by signing and returning a special Christmas card included with the mailer. All cards received will then be distributed to RSPCA animal centres across the country in time for Christmas.


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