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First European anti-spam day to be held this month

Howard Lake | 12 May 2003 | News

The first anti-spam ‘Dunk the Junk Day’ takes place on 22 May 2003 and aims to raise public awareness of spam or unsolicited commercial e-mail.

The campaign day is being supported by Web portal Yahoo! It will include an awards event at which the UK’s worst spammers will be named and shamed.

While one might assume the public had a fairly high awareness of spam, given e-mail users’ complaints about the rubbish filling their inboxes, the campaign is a little more sophisticated. Spam sadly is in the mind of the receiver, in that some people will happily buy products from a spammer or will forward “humorous” spam to friends and colleagues.


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Yahoo’s involvement follows its first ‘spam appreciation’ week in March 2003 when it tried to define spam to its users.