New electronic collecting box launched

Donorpoint is a new free standing cash-point-like collecting box that accepts credit and debit card donations, thereby removing concerns over cash security.

Donorpoint has been created by Geoffrey Fenton, Managing Director of Wild Yeast, “The Raising Agent for Charities,” and runs on software written by Minerva Computer Systems, based in Cheltenham.

Fenton explains: “The system is free standing and works like a cash point machine but instead of taking money out you can use your credit or debit card to give money to charity. We are working with Minerva as they have the systems in place for this to be a success.”


The machine is operated by a touch-sensitive screen, and can accept donations by Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Delta and AMEX. Donors can choose which amount to give, and transactions take just 10 seconds. Donations can be made tax-efficiently by Gift Aid: all donors have to do is enter their postcode and house name or number. Donors quickly receive a printed receipt and voucher.

Fenton says that the machine can be set up “within minutes” and can run in unattended operation 24 hours a day. It needs just a 13 amp plug to operate.

The National Trust is already in negotiations to set up a pilot scheme, according to Fenton.

The collecting box is designed for events or opportunities that encourage spur of the moment giving and is designed, says its creator, to replace “outdated tin shaking”. Donors simply insert their credit or debit card, thereby removing any worries about cash security.

Tony Lewis, Director of Sales and Marketing at Minerva, said: “Minerva are able to provide the secure software that is so vital when dealing with personal bank details. The machine sends the card details of the transaction over a secure line and deletes them from its memory afterwards ensuring card details are not left on the machine.”

A Donorpoint machine will be on display at Minerva’s stand (number 60) at the CHASE Conference and Exhibition from 19 – 20 February 2003 at the Business Design Centre in Islington.