Make a gem of a site

Howard Lake | 15 December 1999 | News

Gem stone. Photo:
Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash

There’s no shortage of Web site building tools, but UK Fundraising has come across a new one that is both UK-based and caters for charities.

SiteGem allows charities to build their own Web sites and develop their own online communities if they wish, and all without having to learn HTML. There is even an income generation opportunity if a charity were to persuade other partners to join in and build their sites as part of this community.

The Mayhew Dogs Home has already made use of SiteGem.


Since future-proofing your Web site is essential for all online publishers, you can even zip up your site’s files and move it to another host if you need or choose to.

SiteGem logo
Sitegem animated logo

Charities can currently receive a 40% discount off the price of a business site if they order before the end of this month. The only way to do this though is to type in the unique password for readers of UK Fundraising. Enter the password funduk-1299 into the ‘Communities and Promotions’ field on the payment form to receive your discount. You can then go directly to the payment page (‘buy a site’) or build a trial site, save it and pay later.

SiteGem was set up by Fizmedia, run by the partner to Sarah Norris, Internet Development Manager at Charities Aid Foundation. Sarah said: “Tools like SiteGem can offer charities accessible benefits from the Web. I’d encourage them to explore their options and not be afraid to talk about their needs.”