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Marathoners raise over £19 million for charity on JustGiving

27 April 2010. Virgin London Marathon runners have raised over £19 million, including Gift Aid, on JustGiving (www.justgiving.com) this year. Over £1.66 million of this total was raised on Friday, Saturday and Marathon Sunday.
The total amount, benefiting over 2000 charities, is set to grow; historically, up to 20% of donations are made after the race.
The Friday (24 April) before the marathon was a record-breaking day for JustGiving. The total amount raised for charities across the site, including marathon pages, topped £1.8 million. This is the largest amount raised in a single day on JustGiving so far this year – and its second-highest single-day total ever.
Over 20,000 Virgin London Marathon pages have been set up on the JustGiving website this year. Fundraisers who have received donations have raised on average £1308 per page. This is 4.5% higher than the average amount raised at the same time last year.
JustGiving’s managing director, Anne-Marie Huby said: “Our marathon fundraisers have done an incredible job this year. Raising over £19 million for charity, especially in these uncertain times, is such an achievement. The rising averages per JustGiving page show that our recent enhancements to our Facebook application, and developments like our new iPhone app, are making it easier for our fundraisers to connect, and share their stories, with more people than ever before.”
The JustGiving team led cheer points at strategic locations along the Marathon route this year. It also hired the eco-friendly Seymour Green recycling vans, which were parked at Buckingham Palace and key areas around Central London during the Marathon.