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Beenz meanz donationz

Howard Lake | 13 December 1999 | News

You can now donate Beenz to charity. Web-based loyalty programme Beenz, “the Web’s currency”, is encouraging collectors to donate their Beenz to CARE International’s appeal for the victims of the Orissa cyclone. You can donate any amount of Beenz but there is a minimum number of 100 which they will process. “But that’s only about 30p”, say Beenz, so encourage you to give more.

It’s not clear from the site whether Beenz make an administrative charge for this appeal. Indeed, the appeal page on CARE’s site is surprisingly lacking in useful details such as the duration of the appeal, the monetary value of Beenz, how much has been raised to date, and indeed CARE’s registered charity number. Still, CARE International’s involvement with Beenz is a commendable partnership with a high-profile UK Web company.


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