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Mahir madness to benefit charity?

Howard Lake | 10 December 1999 | News

Last month UK Fundraising reported on the strange tale of the 15 minutes or more of global fame enjoyed by Mahir Cagri, and how charities had missed out on this unexpected opportunity. Now it seems a charity might benefit, perhaps?

The Mahir Merchandise Store offers to sell mugs and t-shirts bedecked with Mahir’s catch-phrase “I kiss you”, and to donate some of the proceeds to “the International Caucaus Centre”. This is a charity that CafePress, the company behind the Merchandise Store, claims that Mahir has been involved with for some years. UK Fundraising has so far failed to track down any further details on “the International Caucaus Centre,” [sic], but is awaiting further details from CafePress. Let’s hope that its legitimacy is is more reliable than its spelling.


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