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Schools e-mail discussion list launched

Howard Lake | 7 September 1999 | News

CharityChannel has just launched K-12, a moderated discussion list focusing on all aspects of the development of K-12 schools, public and private. As you can tell from the use of “K-12”, the list is American, with “K” representing kindergarten. Nevertheless, the list should be of interest to schools fundraisers elsewhere.

The list is “expected to focus on fundraising (grants, annual fund, special events, planned giving, supporting foundations, public funding, etc.) but is not limited just to fund raising.  Indeed, any aspect of development is open to discussion.

K-12 is open to anyone interested in the topic, such as fund development officers, faculty, parents, administrators, board members, volunteers, public officials, and others.”  There is no charge to subscribe. You can subscribe to K-12 at CharityChannel.


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