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Sports prediction league to raise funds for local sports clubs

Howard Lake | 12 August 2012 | News

OurClubFundraiser.com is a new online fundraising service that adds elements of gaming to sports to raise funds for local sports clubs.
Clubs can use the site to to set up a sports prediction league, and invite their members to guess how well their club and competitors will perform in the league. Players pay a small fee to participate and this is passed to the club.
Clubs pay £249 to register to use the site although the site is currently offering a 50% reduced fee. But the site offers a money back guarantee if the club does not break even on using the site.
David Williams, founder of the site, got the idea after noting that lots of sports club members took part in online fantasy fooball leagues and enjoyed talking about their progress.
“I thought what if I could set up an online league and charge club members a small fee to take part” he said.
So far 43 clubs have signed up for the next season which begins in September. “Clubs see this as a minimum-hassle way to raise funds, all they have to do is get their members to enter and put up prizes”, said Williams.