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Russian charity raises $100,000 online in six months

Howard Lake | 15 August 1999 | News

A Russian children’s charity has raised over $100,000 via its Web site in just six months. The Regional Public Charitable Fund of Help for Seriously Ill and Unfortunate Children provides medical treatment for disadvantaged children. Alexey Nalogin confirmed the figure to UK Fundraising, and added that the site had received considerable coverage and support from Russian newspapers and TV.

The site’s success is no doubt due to its clear presentation, the testimony of the children involved, a photograph of each of whom appears on the site, and the fine effort at acknowledging supports and reporting back regularly on success. Indeed, each child’s story is updated with news of individual donations and what that donation was used for.
The site, which is available in seven languages, also uses banner advertisements which it encourages supporters to add to their site. It also includes named individual contacts and telephone numbers, a sensible inclusion since that enables enquirers to check whether the organisation is genuine.


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