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UK Fundraising News now e-mailed to over 9,000 subscribers

Howard Lake | 12 October 2004 | News

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There are now over 9,000 subscribers receiving UK Fundraising’s free fortnightly e-mail newsletter, making it the largest and most current e-mail distribution list of fundraisers and related staff in the UK.

The subscriber base has grown by just under 50% in 10 months, and is at a record high for the publication.

The subscribers are current as far as we can tell: if a subscriber’s e-mail address is unreachable for two issues of the newsletter in a row, we delete them from the list.


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We are working on another detailed analysis of our subscribers and will publish this summary later this year.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to subscribe and help us on our way to reaching the 10,000 mark, please do so today. There is no charge.