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Do ye ken John Peel?

Howard Lake | 6 August 1999 | News

BBC Radio presenter John Peel is currently featuring Wills on his popular BBC Radio 4 programme “Home Truths” and the impact they have on families. A rather familiar voice appeared from one ‘phone-in contributor this morning. A “Richard Cliffe” remarked on the amusing statistic that, if you write a Will with a charitable bequest you end up living longer, on average, than someone who does not leave a charitable bequest.

“Mr Cliffe’s” tones were unmistakable. This was Smee and Ford‘s Richard Radcliffe doing his bit for educating the UK public in leaving charitable bequests. Sadly, even though Richard did introduce himself as a charity fundraiser, by getting his name wrong John Peel didn’t quite give him the recognition he deserves. So congratulations, Richard, from UK Fundraising for spotting the opportunity.


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