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World class online fundraising

Howard Lake | 28 October 1998 | News

Charities Aid Foundation has launched World People, a new way of giving to the world’s poorest countries, easily and tax-effectively. World People works alongside the new government ‘Millennium Gift Aid’ initiative designed to support anti-poverty and education projects in areas of the world that need your help most.

The World People site promotes CAF’s World People account and card to help donors to organise their giving. It offers some impressive and donor-focused options to personalise the site as it appears to each donor. The site will even recognises your separate visits, and update you with new information when it can. For example, you can select up to three ‘personal charities’ to stay close at hand as you use the site, pass on your e-mail address to your favourite charities, change the appearance of the site (including text size), and track your secure on-line giving.
Millennium Gift Aid was announced in this year’s Budget. It is a new development of the existing Government Gift Aid scheme which makes gifts of £250 or more to charity eligible for tax relief. However, there are 3 differences to Millennium Gift Aid designed specifically to benefit the countries of the world in greatest need of support:
– you only have to give £100 or more before tax relief is available to charity
– you don’t have to give your money in one go, you can build up to £100 in instalments
– you can only give to projects which relieve poverty or advance education in the poorest nations of the world – and an up-to-date list of causes and countries is provided

CAF’s experience of publishing such sites as CharityCard and Give As You Earn has produced a world leading online resource for fundraisers and donors alike. Its use of scripting offers an expertly conceived approach to personalising the online giving experience.


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