The Webmanager discussion list

Howard Lake | 13 May 1997 | News

A new list for Webmasters and Webmanagers of nonprofit websites has been launched.

Provided by Deutschen Spendeninstitut (the German Charities Institute) and Fundraising UK Ltd, Webmanager is provided at no cost for all those responsible for managing and developing non-profit Web sites. This includes nonprofit staff and volunteers, and the staff of agencies which run nonprofits’ Web sites.

It is available not only to those responsible for the technical aspects of nonprofits’ Websites but also to those responsible for managing or editing them, or for using them for publishing, fundraising, PR and campaigning purposes.


To join the forum, send an e-mail message with the subject “subscribe” to [email protected] To leave it send an e-mail message with the subject “unsubscribe” to the same administration address:

E-mail address:


As soon as you have subscribed you will receive a confirmation message and you may post to the forum at [email protected]