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Celebrity auction online

Howard Lake | 27 October 1998 | News

A group of Canadian celebrities have donated books for sale at an online auction to raise money for educational projects in Canada. This “unique event” is being held in support of scholarships and bursaries for adult learners in literacy and high school programs.
A visit to the site will lead you through a library of books, magazines, photographs, art work, donated by politicians, authors, TV, film and sports stars, artists, academics. Many of the works are personalised, telling you, with the click of a button, how the book inspired the donor in their childhood, through their own education or current work.

The event runs like a silent auction, with registered bidders browsing through the 110 items, posting their bids as they find gems amongst the virtual shelves. All information about bidders is kept confidential through a self-selected user name. Once the auction closes on 30 October, winning bidders will be contacted to make payments over the phone or by cheque/money order. Goods will be delivered through the mail or via courier.

Read UK Fundraising’s November 1998 report on the results.


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