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Stephen Lee resigns from ICFM

Howard Lake | 1 July 1998 | News

Stephen Lee has resigned from the Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers. He will leave at the end of August, following ten years at ICFM.

He will become chief executive of a new fundraising support unit at chartered accountants Kingston Smith, and also a senior research fellow in voluntary sector management at South Bank University.
The Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers is now the largest individual representative body in the voluntary sector with over 2,800 individual members and 1,200 organisations. When Lee started there were just 250 members. Current membership reflects income to the sector of some £5 billion per annum and delivers more than £12 billion service output covering all areas of social activity.
Lee’s resignation was expected, since he notified ICFM members a year ago that he would leave within the year. The circa £45,000 vacancy has been advertised in The Sunday Times and ThirdSector. If you are tempted to try to follow in Stephen’s footsteps you should call Advertised Recruitment and Consultancy on 020 8466 4126 (24 hours) no later than Thursday 9 July 1998 quoting reference PFMB/T.


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