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New Chief Executive at LandAid

Howard Lake | 17 October 2007 | News

Jon Siddall, former Executive Director of the Sports Dispute Resolution Panel, is the new Chief Executive of LandAid, the charity of the UK property sector.

Siddall has over 20 years involvement in the nonprofit sector, with experience in charity management, fundraising and grant making, having worked for the Lawn Tennis Association as Deputy Secretary, and the LawAid Trust as Secretary and Campaign Director. He originally trained as a lawyer and mediator.

LandAid makes grants to other charities to support a variety of projects usually connected with homelessness. Their support is divided into two main categories: small grants made once a year to charities requiring a kick-start for a service or facility that would not otherwise get off the ground, and a major project, usually lasting up to four years, in partnership with a major homelessness charity. The current major project is Foundations for Life, a partnership with Centrepoint to provide a national network of centres that will give young homeless people the opportunity to learn life, education and employment skills needed to enable them to secure both a job and a home of their own.


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