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Secure giving by CharityCard

Howard Lake | 22 May 1998 | News

As UK Fundraising reported last month, a major development in UK online fundraising was about to be unveiled. On 5th May, the CharityCard site was launched. Seventy thousand donors now have another way to give via CharityCard – over the Internet. Donations through CharityCard, the only debit card exclusively for charitable giving, can now be made through a single, secure Web site.

The CharityCard site allows holders of CharityCard to make secure on-line donations direct to any recognised charity or cause of their choice. CAF will even verify the status of the charity beneficiary to ensure that it is a bona fide organisation.

CharityCard itself operates on a CAF Personal Charity Account. All funds paid into the Account are tax-effective, enabling CAF to reclaim the basic rate of tax from the Inland Revenue and add it to the total. The Account holder can then use CharityCard to make donations as and when they choose.


Gift acceptance and due diligence course by Kerry Rock. Background image (filtered yellow) of one hand on the left with thumb down, and on the right a hand with a thumb up.

A secure electronic form is provided to make an on-line CharityCard donation. As well as validating the charity beneficiary, CAF will also verify all Account details entered by the donor including their personalised CharityCard number and expiry date and their name and postcode. Donors even have the option of making their donations anonymously, simply by ticking the appropriate box.
If a donor is unsure of which cause they would like to support, they can consult CharityNet┬╣s Non-Profit Pages. These publish details on over 90,000 charitable organisations, which can be selected by name or type of activity.