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Scratchcard Fundraising

Scratchcard Fundraising


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Scratchcard fundraising is still a leading fundraising initiative, where donation amounts are hidden under scratch off dots. When somebody is asked to scratch the card it means that he or she is ready to contribute the amount that is printed under the scratch off dots. Mainly organisations and companies have started to use this method to collect contributions as these scratch cards are low in cost and have a high profit margin for charities.Running a scratch card fundraiser is one of the most popular, easy and potentially profitable of charitable fundraising ideas and it is still a staple way of fundraising. With a low cost initial outlay with high profitability, these scratch cards are easy to carry around in a pocket, purse, or a backpack, making it easy for people to fundraise with at events.

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Scratchcard Fundraising: An Essential Guide

These cards can also be customised with the specific organisation with the charity’s name or logo, and allows for fundraising at the workplace, home or anywhere where social events take place.

Fundraising volunteers have to only carry the cards along with them, therefore no equipment is required which means volunteers do not have to cart around anything heavy to friends, family, neighbours with this fundraising initiative.

Other fundraising measures like purchasing chocolate bars, soap or any other products do not always perform that well from a return on investment perspective, especially as there is an initial outlay to purchase these products in the first place. However, small amount donations are always appreciated and thus scratch cards are often supported more than the other means to collect donations or contributions. Hence, we see that scratch cards are fun ways for volunteers to fundraise for their particular charity.

People raise funds through selling these scratch cards, mostly by to their relatives, colleagues, neighbours, friends, etc. However, you these can also be sold at any special events, or at shops, clubs, parties, etc.  Here are a few methods that are being utilized by charities to raise funds:

  • Top Seller- A simple prize for the person who sold the most amounts of cards.
  • Early Bird- an attractive prize for the persons who sells their allotted amount of card first.
  • Another prize or reward given to those supporters (as an appreciation for their support for the cause) who donates the highest amount.

These methods are mainly used to increase the interest and incentive to promote scratch card fundraising and also to support the donators for their contribution.

Scratch cards are an easy and simple way to raise funds quickly. With a very small budget, any charity can run this fundraising initiative to collect funds which can be put to use straight away. It is fantastic for a charity looking for a quick cash flow injection.

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