Insurance For Charities

Howard Lake | 2 April 2012

Insurance For Charities | How to choose the right insurance provider for your charity

Choosing the right insurance provider for your charity is paramount. There are many insurance companies offering specifically charity insurance cover, however care must be taken when looking around for this type of insurance. Be sure to spell out exactly what you want as far as this insurance coverage goes. What constitutes a good policy for one charity might not be a good buy for another type of charity.

Consider beforehand what you want in this insurance policy and whether there is  any hidden excess small print.

It is important to understand the amount of risk certain employees or fundraisers take whilst carrying out specific tasks for your charity.

For instance, you don’t want to purchase a policy and then in the event of a claim, find out that there is not enough coverage so the money is inadequate to cover the injury or loss suffered.

When selecting an Insurance company, consider their track record, ratings and history. Find out if the company offers rebates or special rates for charities, so that you don’t end up paying an exorbitant premium.

To quickly get information on an insurance company to use, go online and search for charity insurance quotes. You will come across several companies who will be willing to give you a quote for free based on the needs of your charity. Always get several quotes and sit down and go through them carefully looking at the various rates you have to pay and other conditions attached. If you don’t understand the charity insurance jargon, get an independent insurance agent to explain everything to you. This way you won’t end up with a policy that is useless when you file a claim.

It is also worth talking to other charities based in your niche and asking them which insurance companies they use. They may have had bad experiences with certain insurance companies in the past and it would be well in your own interests to stay clear of them.

On the flip side, a charity in your sector may have an insurance company they whole heartedly recommend. This would save you plenty of time trying to search for a reputable charity insurance provider and give you confidence in your selection.