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Engraved BricksEngraveBricks Ltd is a UK-based company specializing in engraving bricks and pavers for fundraising projects.

They have been engraving bricks since 1999 and have been supplying exclusively through agencies and the trade. They are now offering their services direct to the fundraiser.

Personalized brick fundraising campaigns have helped many reach their fundraising goals whether building from new, extending or improving existing facilities.

Selling personalized bricks rewards the sponsor for their donation and is a proven method of generating much-needed funds for a whole range of organizations – schools, village halls, universities, museums, sports facilities and charities.

There are no up-front costs involved, just a few simple stages…
• Find a suitable wall, internal or external, to attach the brick slips, or a walkway, existing or new, within your project
• Decide on a theme, such as ‘Wall of support’ or ‘Help us build a better future’
• Promote your project – which they can help you with
• Sell the bricks at a price of your choice, normally around £35-£50
• Bank the cash then call EngraveBricks with your order
• Lay the bricks.

Their prices start at £7.95 per brick, so for each one you sell on at £35.00 that’s an amazing £27.05 per brick towards your project!

CALL THEM TODAY on 01730 895971

It’s not every day your sponsors can mark their support in the
very fabric of a building and become a part of its history!

EngraveBricks Ltd, Unit 2 Rake Business Park, London Road, West Sussex, GU33 7PN.

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Engravebricks Ltd

Engravebricks Ltd

Engraved bricks are a wonderful idea with regards to any charitable fundraising campaign. The donor has something tangible for their contribution, something that they can see for many years to come and something, which can instill an immense sense of pride within that individual.

Engraved bricks are popular on the basis that any charity can benefit from such an idea, without having to use much needed monies for bespoke engraved products. You will, however, most probably find that engraved bricks work best for charitable fundraising campaigns for the benefit of the surrounding neighborhoods. There are many ways in which engraved bricks can work in this regard, whether for a new school building, sporting venue or hospital, whether for a walkway or a wall, or whether simply for a mural or a hall of fame.

Selling engraved bricks is fun, and appeals to the vast majority of individuals, young or old. In addition to being quite a unique idea, it is easy to sell, not only to the donors but also to the individuals who will be campaigning on behalf of the charity. Engraved bricks are quite possibly one of the only means of raising charitable funds that is unlikely to receive much, if anything, in the way of resistance. It is also simple to explain and for individuals to comprehend the concept, no matter their age or level of education.

Engraved Bricks: The Everlasting Memory

A further thought is to allow all those who donated the chance to lay their individual bricks themselves. Although this will be a more time consuming process, it may facilitate a higher level of donations on the basis that you are creating a stronger bond with all those who have taken part. Whether or not you choose to go down this route, it is essential that you send each donor a note or certificate of thanks. It is something that is somewhat overlooked but, regardless of the level of your resources, it is something that really needs to be done. Every individual, no matter whether we are talking about engraved bricks for charitable fundraising purposes or otherwise, likes to feel valued. In saying thank you, not only are you making that specific individual feel valued, but they will most likely be more susceptible to making further donations in the future. 

There may also be the option to “cross sell”, as donors may wish to purchase another brick for themselves personally to keep as a memento of the whole experience.

In addition, although you may think otherwise, engraved bricks are not a one off exercise and indeed a one off opportunity. It is relatively easy to consider extending that wall or that walkway the following year, or to start off with a whole new structure.

For information when considering engraved bricks as your method of raising charitable donations you will have to liaise with your local builder and architects as to how many bricks you will need to “sell” to make your charitable venture a success.

Engraved bricks are a simple but brilliant idea for any charitable fundraising campaign, and you can take great pleasure from creating an everlasting memory with individuals’ donations.

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