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Charity Supplies

Charity Supplies


Charity Supplies: Charities are just like any other businesses and require all types of office supplies.
Company G is a well-respected charity office supplier and has been servicing the charity sector for many years. No matter of the size of your charity, you will receive your own dedicated account manager and rest assured you will certainly receive quality products at the best possible prices.

Company G can supply anything your charity may require from tiny (yet important) items such as paper clips, post-it notes and staples to larger items such as charity office furniture, laser printers, filing cabinets and even cubicles.

To find out more information on how Company G can service your charity at the best prices, please visit or call 0845 094 8033.

Services 'Company' Offer

- Green Office Supplies
- Recycled Office Products
- Filing and Archive
- Office Machines
- Charity Office Furniture
- Pens, pencils and writing
- Searchable database

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
24 hour, 7 days a week support
Strong CSR
Awarded the BS8555 Environment Standard
Same Day Delivery
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Charity Supplies | What to look for when choosing your charity’s office supplies and furniture

UK charities come in all shapes and sizes, yet they all have one thing in common… they need office supplies to keep functioning whilst continuing to help and support the beneficiaries of their particular cause.

The quality and quantity of office supplies charities need differ quite considerably due to their size. The top 100 UK charities have hundreds, if not thousands of staff members who all require a workstation which would of course include a comfortable office chair, desk and computer. Furthermore, they require the smaller stationery items we take for granted such as pens, paper, staplers, hole punchers, binders, laminators etc.

If you imagine one thousand staff members all needing this type of office supply equipment, the cost of these items can creep up and before you know it you have a substantial office supply bill. In fact, the largest UK charities spend tens of thousands of pounds every year on their charity office supplies.

For this very reason, it is paramount in finding a charity office supplier that will give the charity preferential prices for the charity’s stationery and office supply needs. The difference between charity office suppliers can cost (or save) charities thousands of pounds every year.
For this very reason make sure you choose a reputable office supplier.

Of course, getting the cheapest price is not always the smartest option. If a product is cheaper, perhaps you will suffer from bad account management, the timing in the delivery of your office supplies or even the quality of the actual stationery or office supplies. Therefore, there is a fine balance between receiving affordable pricing for your offices supplies, but also experience good customer service.

Charity office furniture is a larger expense for charities, which can be quite a considerable outlay.  Also, when purchasing office chairs, etc your supplier must be able to ship you a samples for you to try before you buy. Purchasing hundreds of office chairs only to find later that they are not conformable and are causing your staff backache is a headache no charity wants or needs. Make sure your office supplier understand this and is happy to accommodate you in these kinds of matters.

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