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Charity Collection

Charity Collection


Charity Collection: When looking for some great ways to help you fundraise “Company X”  are top of their game and already help many charities.With fast and efficient service, they understand your charity's needs and go that extra mile to ensure that your fundraising is a mix of the old with the new.

If it’s tried and tested charity collections you are after, “Company X”  an also provide collection boxes themselves or can put you in touch with suppliers if necessary.

The services of “Company X” charity collections are available on an ongoing basis and with efficient, friendly staff; your charity's needs are taken care of with professional and high standards.

For more information on how Company X can help your charity, please call 0845 094 8033 or go to

Services Company X Offer

- Home Collection
- Door-to-door Collection
- Street Collection
- High Street Collection
- Supermarket Collection
- Bank Collection
- Event Collection

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Charity Collection |Legalities

Collecting funds for your charity should always be above board and should be able to take the scrutiny of both the legal fraternity and comply with whatever legislative framework that the government has in place to regulate to collection and soliciting of funds. Make no mistake, a bogus charity or one that is not keeping best business practices, can lead to a complaint to the Charity Commission and the closure of your charity. The publicity from any scandal would also make it hard for people to donate to you even if you were proven innocent.

Looking at some ways to have success with your charitable collections

Apart from sending out volunteers to hit the street with collection boxes, how about trying to be proactive and use available places where people already congregate and are sure to have cash in their hands. What am we suggestions? Well, below I shall point out some places that are good for charity collections. Bear in mind, you may need to get the approval of your local authorities to collect in these areas.

Supermarket: There is plenty of foot count and opportunity outside supermarkets. While shoppers are on the way into the supermarket, a polite approach for a donation will most likely be met with, "when I return" and most of them will return and place some change in the collection box. This may be so because they have change having just come from the cashier. If you can get a collection box placed next to the cashier, this is even better. You will definitely need permission from the supermarket to collect outside their premises.

Bank: Most banks will allow some sort of collection at their branches. This is successful because persons are either depositing or withdrawing money. A win-win situation for your charity, however do not be too overbearing and once again seek permission.

Children Events: Due to the desire to teach their kids the benefits of helping the less fortunate and becoming a caring individual, most people will give their kids money to place in a collection box or container. This avenue is a large revenue area for many charities. The good thing about this is that it raises awareness and compassion among kids about the benefits of giving and understanding the cause of your charity.

Therefore charitable collections should be high on your charity’s  agenda now due to the current economic situation.

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