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Charity Badges | Your leading supplier of charity badges

Charity Badges | Your leading supplier of charity badges


Charity Badges - Let your fundraisers wear their heart on their sleeve or at least pinned to them with your own charity badge.There are many suppliers of badges for charities but Badges Charities have been established for many years and stand head and shoulders above any other suppliers.

Badges Charities has supplied badges to several reputable charities and their pricing is competitive while ordering is easy with a fast turnaround.

Badges come in all types and materials from recycled plastic to metal and can be used for promotional purposes or to sell to your supporters and help with your fundraising goals.

Of course , they also raise awareness of your charity as your supporters wear them with pride.

Call Badges Charities today on 01923 827770 to see the types of badges we supply and our competitive prices.

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What different types of charity badges are available?

Charity badges are a must have if you want to seriously promote your charity and in the meantime find a quick and easy way to raise some much needed funds. They are a non-intrusive way of getting your messages out there for your charity and any upcoming event such as an awareness week that your charity may be a part of, o an event the charity is having like a show, fund raiser or dinner.

People don't think twice when buying small mementos of these types of occasion to remember and of course to support the charity at the same time. Therefore having badges as keepsakes prove very popular with event goers.

Promotional Badges

Promotional badges are preferred by fundraising departments of almost all charities, no matter of size, because they go a long way in promoting the charity. They promote the image and increase the awareness of the charity at a relatively low cost when compared with traditional advertising such as newspaper or television advertising . They can be used in a variety of ways whether on clothing, bags, key-rings, and refrigerator and many other places.

Promotional badges are custom made to fit the organization's logo with messages or its motto. As most charities depend heavily on donations to fund their day to day existence, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find donors. Also donors really want to feel special and like to receive some token of appreciation. No matter how any donations are collected or indeed how much it is, it is nice to give something back to the donor and that could be in the form of a pin-badge.

With donations decreasing due to the current economic climate, charities are returning to more traditional avenues of fundraising and charity merchandise to sell, like charity badges, is back up to top of their list.

Types of Badges

You will also find that charity badges will come in different types such as lapel, metal, shaped, glitter, key-rings, medals and cufflinks. It is important to find out your target audience, budget and occasion before deciding on the type of charity badges you want. At Charity Charities, we can offer you guidance.

Rest assured, Charity Charities will be delighted to service you and offer any advice that might be required.

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