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Charity Auction

Charity Auction


Charity Auction: It is not just charities themselves that use auctions to raise money; many public schools, private schools, clubs, organisations and even public enterprises organise dinner or auction nights to raise funds for their favourite charity.

It’s a fun way for staff, clients or suppliers to support charity, socialise and even to go home with great attractive prizes. Charity auctions can happen on the night in that a live auction takes place but with modern technology, a lot of charities also use online auction software which means people can take part in the auction without physically having to be at the event.

There are companies out there that provide all the necessary prizes ranging from holidays to celebrity and sporting merchandise. There is normally a reserve price on these prizes, however in most cases the charity receives the full amount once these reserve prices have been met. A win-win for all involved.

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Types of Charity Auction

A silent auction is a fantastic way for charities to raise funds. Here, people bid privately usually with a simple piece of paper on specific items. This is a nice way, as it allows everyone to get involved and not feel intimidated by the actual auction process. They also get to bid the price they are willing to pay for an item, and if they win it – excellent news!

Internet based online auctions are also another way to raise funds. Auctions held online at eBay for example is becoming a very popular way for charity fundraising, where people round the World can purchase the auctions items. Variety of auction items can be purchased ranging from small gift certificates to large items such as a car or a luxury holiday. Therefore many charities that prefer online auctions instead of in-person event, as there are lower running costs involved and proximity to the actual event becomes irrelevant.

For a real buzz, live auctions at an event or dinner is a great way to raise funds. In these gatherings, experienced auctioneers are hired who have detailed information about the auctions items. Thus by highlighting the features of those items really helps the attendees to choose any particular item to purchase according to their needs or wish. Even the auctioneers interact with the attendees to make the auction fun and exciting. These professional auctioneers can often drive up the final bid to a huge amount thereby making it a very successful auction for charities. It has often been found that auction events haven't been successful because of the lack of an experienced auctioneer, therefore be sure to hire someone reputable.

A charity auction can provide a fun and engaging way to raise funds. Many organisations promote charity auctions with their staff, customers and suppliers. Having some high priced or premium items in a live auction can really be profitable for charities. Big holiday packages, motorcycle, car or a gourmet dinner parties including the product items makes the event more attractive and exciting. Some events even auction off celebrity dates! A night with Brad Pitt or Angelina anybody?

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