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National Trust encourages people to donate with new immersive blossom experience

Melanie May | 9 April 2024 | News

'Nature's Confetti' - a new immersive show - bringing nature into the heart of the city at the Outernet in London - as part of the National Trust's blossom campaign. Credit James Dobson
Credit: James Dobson

The National Trust has launched a new blossom experience – Nature’s Confetti – at London’s immersive entertainment space Outernet, sharing the beauty of nature and encouraging vistors to donate.

The experience is part of the National Trust’s annual Blossom campaign, and sees visitors experience the illusion of petals raining down on them from above.

Designed by the Outernet’s creative team, as three-minute video features twice an hour in The Now Building, just off Tottenham Court Road, accompanied by specially composed music by Father to match the visuals, and help people connect to nature whilst in central London. In addition, an interactive element where visitors will be able to use their body movements to control and see how blossom trees grow on the screens will also form part of the experience.


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The immersive experience has been created using a combination of shots that cut between the city vista and close ups of blossom bursting into life, plus audio recordings from National Trust places including Petworth House and Park in West Sussex, to echo authentic sounds of nature in the UK.

Credit: James Dobson

Nisha Nath, Head of Brand and Creative at the National Trust said:

“We’re really thrilled to see this immersive concept come to life and to bring the power of blossom to the heart of the city. The blossom season is such a special time of year and one of our main aims is to open people’s eyes to noticing its fleeting beauty and to enjoy it while we can. Everyday spectacles of nature are often taken for granted, but by appreciating them more we hope to encourage more people to care for it – to nurture it and to protect it.


“Research shows for instance, that if children and young people can engage with nature early in life, they grow up to care about the natural world and are more likely to take action to protect it. Through the experience we explore the growth and life cycle of the blossom in five ‘chapters’ – barren, bud, bloom, blossom and play.


“We hope over the next few weeks thousands, if not millions of people will have the chance to experience this colourful, joyful confetti – and that it will mark a high point of their day as they travel through the capital.”

Jessica Dracup-Holland, Chief Marketing Officer from Outernet commented:

“We want audiences to feel immersed in nature, to transport them through the beauty and magic of blossom. We want to encourage a sense of wonderment and rejuvenation, a haven in the centre of London that will transport and inspire.”

There is also an important message being share about cherishing the glory of nature in the face of environmental threats and ensure generations to come can enjoy the coming of spring, heralded by blossom.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to donate to the Trust’s Plant a Tree appeal, which will help plant and establish 20 million trees by 2030, four million of which are expected to be blossom varieties. Since the early 1900s, 81% of the UK’s traditional orchards have been lost, and around half of all hedgerows have disappeared in Britain since 1945. Through donations to the Plant a Tree Appeal, the charity will plant more blossoming trees and hedgerows. There will also be a ‘tap to donate’ station in the space from 20-28 April.

Nature’s Confetti is live at Outernet London from 4 April – 28 April 2024.