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Barclays Private Bank publishes guide to giving for philanthropists

Melanie May | 28 February 2024 | News

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Barclays Private Bank has published ‘A Guide to Giving’ to help people with their philanthropy.

Created by its in-house philanthropy team including Juliet Agnew, Head of Philanthropy, and Isabelle Hayhoe, Senior Philanthropy Advisor, it has 12 chapters designed to help people navigate giving.

As well as exploring key issues donors face and questions they may want to ask, A Guide to Giving features case studies sharing the motivations and stories of people who are already donors.


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In a post on LinkedIn announcing the Guide, Agnew said it had been “written for all those who wish to make a positive and meaningful change in the world”, and that “in making this public for the first time, we set out our intent to encourage more and better philanthropy, and our deep belief in the promise it holds for society”.

Coming out of the conversations the Barclays Private Bank team has had with clients and their observations of how philanthropy had changed over the past decade, it aims to be a ‘comprehensive yet accessible’ guide. As such, it covers the key concepts of giving for donors – whether they’re new to giving, or more experienced, and sets out some of the frameworks, stories and tools that Barclays Private Bank commonly uses to support clients.

Chapters include The path to effective philanthropy, Motivations for giving, Structuring your giving, Creating a philanthropy strategy, Measuring the impact of your philanthropy, and more.  

The Guide states:

“Whether you will give alone, as a family or couple, or as part of a foundation, we offer an overview of key issues that any philanthropist should consider as they create, and put into practice, their giving strategy.”