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New hub for UK grantmaking data & insights to launch in 2024

Melanie May | 11 December 2023 | News

A hand holds a blue pen over some graphs. By Lukas on Pexels

UK Grantmaking, a collaborative project to develop a new platform bringing together data on grantmaking in the UK, is set to launch next year.

The platform is being created to strengthen grantmaking understanding, collaboration, decision-making, strategy and practice in the sector. It is a collaboration between 360GivingAssociation of Charitable FoundationsAssociation of Charitable OrganisationsUK Community FoundationsLondon Funders and other organisations supporting the funding and charitable sectors.

The development of the platform follows research by 360Giving conducted in June 2023 on grantmaking across different sectors in the UK, and published in its UK Grantmaking 2021-22: Snapshot. This research explored the wider context to understand the grantmaking picture beyond 360Giving data, and to see what analysis might be possible with the available data.


How to move from Fundraiser to CEO - by Bruce Tait. Upwards white arrow on blue background.

360Giving is now working with a range of partners to expand the initiative, embarking on a project to create a centralised repository that provides a comprehensive overview and understanding of grantmaking in the UK by consolidating data from grantmaking organisations across sectors.

The new platform will provide an interactive platform showcasing the data, trends, and insights. It will include deep-dives into data on different parts of the sector, with visualisations to support engagement, and commentary and insights to put it into context from partner organisations.

The platform will be updated annually, aiming to launch with 2022-23 grantmaking data in June 2024, depending on factors such as data availability from the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

The new purpose-built platform will allow funders, sector bodies, policymakers, researchers, fundraisers, and sector media to access, explore, and download data and insights about UK grantmaking.

360Giving says it hopes that the platform “will serve as a catalyst for conversations, engagement, and improvement in the quality of grantmaking data, and becomes something that we can build on and further enhance in future years.”

Let 360Giving know what you would find useful for its future analysis

360Giving’s first step into sector-wide analysis was with the Snapshot and it is keen to understand how this can be expanded and made more useful, within the data available to it. As such, 360Giving is asking what people would like to see in the analysis to be produced in 2024 and in future years here.