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Campaign launches to encourage finance professionals to volunteer their skills

Melanie May | 4 December 2023 | News


Charterpath, a UK community of professionals with financial skills who volunteer in the nonprofit sector, has launched a campaign to address the need for financial skills in the sector, amid the legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic and current cost of living crisis.

Charterpath says that currently only 10% of finance professionals contribute their skills on a voluntary basis to the nonprofit sector. Its #EveryHourCounts campaign seeks to increase this percentage by showcasing the difference every hour of volunteer expertise can make to charities, schools, and community groups.

To kickstart the campaign, Charterpath has launched its inaugural Charterpath Festive Countdown – an ‘advent calendar’ of social media content. Each day a new ‘door’ reveals stories from nonprofits and finance professionals to emphasise the value of gifting time over the holiday season.


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Charterpath’s latest whitepaper, produced in collaboration with Marks Sattin highlighted the need for financial expertise in small charities with 75% seeing an increase in demand while charitable giving and volunteering levels have fallen.


In response to the whitepaper findings, Charterpath is introducing a series of new initiatives as part of the #EveryHourCounts campaign to help better chart a path between nonprofit organisations and volunteer financial skills:

Alex Marsh, Co-founder of Charterpath, commented:

“Our research shows that while professionals with financial skills are keen to give back, many don’t know where to start.”


“The #EveryHourCounts campaign and our suite of new initiatives are set to change that, making it easier and more rewarding for financial experts to lend their skills where they’re needed most.”